Frequently Asked Questions

For even the most experienced casino enthusiasts, the many loyalty programs, promotional offers, and comp rewards can be confusing.

Don’t worry — we’re here to help. With a legacy spanning over three decades in casino travel, Grand America Company is your trusted ally. We simplify the terms and options so you can make the most of comps and enjoy stress-free gaming.



What is a "Qualified Player" and how do I become one?

A qualified player is someone who has established a level of play at a casino that allows them to pre-qualify for free trips, free rooms, food or other complimentary items. A player’s rating is based on their past play and is a numeric value assigned by the casino (sometimes referred to as “rating points” or “points”).  Casinos evaluate a persons’ rating by looking at the size of their average bet, the length of time they spend playing each day and what game they are playing.  Average bet and time spent playing relate directly to each other. For example, the higher a persons’ average bet, the quicker they can earn enough points to qualify. The smaller the bets, the more time it takes to get rated.

Are there different levels of qualification that a player can achieve?

Yes. A player’s level of qualification depends on how they play and varies according to the time played and average bets. No two people play exactly the same or will have exactly the same qualification. A basic qualification could earn a player just a comped room or meal. A higher qualification could earn free junket travel or invitations to special events. An even higher rating could mean complimentary gourmet dining, shows, better special events, limousine service and more. As your rating increases, so does the variety and number of wonderful comps and special privileges that become available to you.

I’ve been traveling with another company. Can I travel with Grand America?

If you are a qualified player with another casino or junket company, give us a call. We can honor that qualification. If we can verify your level of play, we’ll be very happy to have you join us for free.

Is my rating based on the number of comp points or reward credits I earn?

No. Comp points or reward credits are earned by a player as they play and can be used to cover expenses like food, show tickets, beverages, etc. Comp points can be seen by the player when they look at their account on-line, at a rewards kiosk or at a slot machine. They ARE NOT the same things as rating points, which are not displayed to the player when they look at their account.

How many comp points or rewards credits are deducted for travel on your junkets?

NONE. Travel with Grand America Company does not cost you ANY COMP POINTS for the flight, luggage handling, room or ground transportation. Qualified players travel at no charge and new players can join us for a very reasonable rate. Neither guest uses any comp points to travel with us. You can use your comps to cover the cost of your food, beverages and other activities while on our trips, but the trip itself costs no player ANY comp points.

What fees, taxes or service charges will be my responsibility on a junket?

Taxes vary by state, with some states able to include the taxes in the comp for the room and others having to charge the customer. Let us know what destination you are interested in visiting and we will clearly explain any and all taxes or fees applicable to your trip. Caesars Entertainment does charge a $45 Junket Administrative Fee to all passengers on one of their charter jets. When the customer arrives at the hotel, they can choose to pay for this fee directly or used Reward Credits to cover it. Grand America Company does NOT receive any of this fee from the casino and we charge no fees ourselves.

Any baggage fees on your junkets?

There are absolutely no baggage fees on any of our charter jet junkets. Junkets arranged by commercial airline groups are subject to the rules of that particular airline. If the commercial airline we are using for a trip has baggage fees, they would not be covered in the offer of the junket and would be the responsibility of the guest. (Guests may avoid any commercial airline baggage fees by carrying-on their bags.)

I am diamond or seven stars. Do I have to pay that $45 junket administrative fee?

If you are traveling on a Caesars Entertainment charter jet junket, the $45 Junket Administrative Fee is required. This fee includes the $11.20 Federal Airport Security Fee and other taxes and fees. You may choose to pay the fee by cash or credit card, or use Reward Credits to cover it. Just let the check-in staff at hotel check-in know your preference.

I know a lot of hotels have implemented resort fees. Do I have to pay those?

Not on our charter junkets. No Resort Fees are charged to our passengers on these flights. On individual trips and commercial seat block trips, Resort Fees may come into play only for Gold and Platinum Total Rewards members. Resort Fees are waived for Diamond and Seven Stars players.

What are the flight times for your junkets?

Each charter junket, commercial seat block junket or motorcoach junket is scheduled individually. This means that flight/departure times can vary by trip. Players who book on our trips will receive a written confirmation for their trip, with the flight times, departure locations and return times, approximately 10 days before departure of the trip. View our Charter Junkets page to see a complete list.

What if I have to cancel a reservation I made through Grand America Company?

Individual reservations made through Grand America Company may be cancelled prior to the date of the trip by calling our offices at (336) 760-4555. These reservations can usually be cancelled without penalty. Junket reservations are subject to a cancellation policy, which varies by type of trip. Commercial seat block junkets can usually be cancelled without penalty at least two weeks prior to departure. Charter junket reservations have a 30-day cancellation policy. If these reservations are cancelled within 30 days of the date of the trip, a $400 cancellation penalty is charged by Caesars Entertainment. (This fee is per reservation, not per person.) If a player must cancel within the 30-day window, Caesars Entertainment may issue a refund of the penalty if certain conditions are met, such as if the player submits a request with a qualifying medical reason or death in the immediate family. All the details of the charter cancellation policy are explained in the Tour Participation Agreement, provided to each booking party at the time of booking. Seven Stars guests are not bound by the 30-day cancellation policy, but must cancel at least 24 hours before departure to avoid a penalty.

Why would I have to pay a cancellation fee if my trip was complimentary?

As the cost of air travel and charter jet service continues to rise, the casinos offering these trips need to be concerned about cost now more than ever. And in order to accommodate as many guests as possible, the properties must make every attempt to have these planes fly fully booked. It can be disappointing to have wonderful customers on stand-by for a fully booked flight, only to find out later that some passengers did not show up for the trip and that the plane actually flew with available seats. For all these reasons, Caesars Entertainment has decided it is necessary to place a penalty on junket cancellations. All the details of the cancellation policy are listed in writing in the Tour Participation Agreement, provided to each booking party at the time of booking.

Can I travel on junkets alone or must I have a roommate?

Qualified players can travel without a roommate on our charter flights. Generally speaking, tour seats sold to new or non-rated players are only sold at double occupancy, meaning that the casino would require two guests per room. On our motorcoach junkets, we only offer a few single occupancy rooms per trip and once they are gone, we would only be able to book guests at double occupancy. Give us a call to speak with someone about the junket that interests you and we can let you know if single occupancy rooms are an option.

What is included with one of your luxury motorcoach junkets to Harrah's Cherokee?

View our Motorcoach Junkets page to see a complete list of what is included with these fabulous trips.

What is included with the charter junket trips?

View our Charter Junkets page to see a complete list of what is included in our wonderful charter jet flights.

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